What is a Caul Bearer?

The Truth Behind the Caul/Veil

What is a Caul Bearer?

A caul bearer is a person who is born with the caul.  The caul is also known as the "veil", the "hood", the "mantle", or the "veil of tears".  


What Makes Caul Bearers Different?

Caul bearers are vital human beings to the growth and insight of humanity.  What they see, hear, and feel, tells tales of things to come, things from the past, and things we all need to know.  They are messengers who are in touch with the world beyond the physical plane.  They are sensitives, visionaries, shamans, mediums, and healers.  Writers, actors, poets, artists.  Each has their own unique gifts to share with the world, and yet the unnerving presence of a caul bearer tends to repel the very people who need them the most. 

Most caul bearers are "truth tellers", with the tendency to blurt out the silent, lurking evidence of the "elephant in the room", with casual abandon.  Caul bearers are mirrors for others, and so often are misunderstood as being a person's hidden dark side...which of course leads to various types of abuses and rejections.

Caul bearers see ghosts and other entities, hear voices, remember their past lives, and have visions of the future.  Such flashes come without warning -- in "day dreams" or night dreams, and can be horrifying or blissful.  But, in the long run, being a caul bearer is a heavy burden to bear, and most have experienced or have issues with addictions to ease the pain.  Many have thoughts of, or have attempted suicide as the only means of escaping a life of perpetual torment.  Some are misdiagnosed as schizophrenics and are heavily medicated.  Most are inclined to be solitary creatures and avoid crowds.

Most Common Caul Bearer Traits

What a Caul Bearer is Not

With so much "lore" and other disinformation circultating the web about the caul, it's crucial to point out that caul bearers are not relics of folklore from the past.  We are not legends, we are not myths, we are not old wive's tales.  We are living, breathing human beings with real feelings and real gifts that we want to share with the world.

Caul Bearers are Not:

~Lucky.  Caul bearers tend to have tremendous difficulties in life.  ("En caul" birth folk, however, seem to lead pretty happy lives.)

~born to be royalty or singlehanded saviors

~destined to become the property of a cult

~destined to fall under any type of human leadership or control

~bound by a predestined life or death

~doomed to a life of darkness or cold intellect

~condemned for their sexual orientation

~in danger of becoming

     -a vampire

     -a witch

     -a werewolf

     -owned or controlled by any type of philosophy

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